Smart Video Doorbells: How Secure Are Smart Doorbells?

Smart video doorbells are equipped with cameras and are linked to an app on your phone. You receive a notification on your phone when the doorbell rings, allowing you to view and communicate with anyone at your door.

What are Smart video doorbells?

Smart video doorbells are doorbells with an integrated camera that can deter parcel theft and home invasions. They are either connected to an existing doorbell or wireless and powered by batteries. You can use your smartphone to live stream video, receive activity alerts, and have two-way conversations with visitors. It is an internet-connected alternative to a traditional doorbell. It integrates with a smart home automation system to show real-time video from your front door and can “ring” a smartphone or other device in your house.

Similar to security cameras, smart doorbells also have a button that visitors can press to call your attention. Regardless of whether you’re at home or elsewhere, you’ll receive a notification when guests touch the button on your smartphone or another device. In addition, voice commands and smart assistant integration can improve your door-answering experience. It interacts with other household appliances and functions in tandem with a smart home automation system.

Types of Smart Video Doorbells:

  • Wired Smart Doorbells: A wired link connects your doorbell to your home with cables that come from inside while also locking it to the wall. These doorbells draw energy from your home electricity connection.
  • Wireless Smart Doorbells: There are doorbell cameras that are completely wireless and don’t require any cable to get electricity or connect to a Wi-Fi network. The main energy source is batteries that can be recharged.

Benefits of Smart video doorbells:

  • Prevent Burglaries
  • Always have security footage as a proof
  • Deliveries theft protection
  • Infrared night vision with high-quality video and images
  • Motion alerts to your mobile device
  • Integration with other smart devices

Smart doorbell security issues?

  • Popular smart doorbells have significant security weaknesses that expose users to the possibility of being targeted inside their homes by hackers.
  • The more connected devices you have in your house, the more “doors” cybercriminals have to enter.
  • A hacker will have an easier time accessing your device and network if your password is simple to guess.

How to keep Smart doorbells safe from hackers?

  • A strong password is essential, just like most internet-connected gadgets.
  • Regular software updates.
  • Two-factor authentication adds a security layer by sending a one-time password.
  • Delete old recordings after watching them carefully.

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Market Overview:

Тhе glоbаl video doorbells mаrkеt is estimated to be UЅ$ 2,115.0 Мn іn 2022 and is expected tо rеасh UЅ$ 9,275.5 Мn bу 2031 аt а САGR оf 17.2%.

Key Market Insights of Smart Video Doorbells:

  1. Market Share by Type: The wireless doorbell segment is estimated to be the most lucrative segment.
  2. Market Share by End-Users: Thе residential ѕеgmеnt іѕ expected to dominate the market.
  3. Market Share by Region: The Asia Pacific region is expected to show high growth during the forecast period.

Factors driving the growth of this market:

  • Increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) in doorbell systems.
  • Rising public concern for safety and security.
  • Growing internet penetration and need for smart home tools & applications.

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